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Why Don" t You Laugh? - Laugh Your Way To Success

Change you life around! Laugh and Be Happy by Starting Your Own Home Based Business

Our world has become full of a soul-consuming, hurrying tendency. We get all caught up in grasping and in competing. We need to grab more time for ourselves to laugh and enjoy. We all seek to find peace, to be with our Creator and to be content. What better way to find the time to do such things than to join the thousands of others who have begun to work from the comfort of their own homes? We know its not necessary to get rid all our lifes irritants or all of our worries and frets before we find happiness. However, we do need to remember to embrace and enjoy cheerfulness for it has a wonderful healing, flowing power. It most definitely lengthens the life of our human bodies just as oil helps to lengthen the life of motionless machinery. We need to develop a habit of cheerfulness, to enjoy every day as we go along; not to fret and stew all week long, and then expect to make up for it Sunday or on some holiday. We dont have to be continuously be laughing hysterically so much as we need to develop a quiet inner, soul felt cheerfulness. It's often called, serenity. Its a calm, sweet contentment and inward peace. Its a joy like no other, in knowing that all is well within ones soul. Here is a poem to ponder about the power of laughing and smiling.

From the "Independent."

"Why don't you laugh, young man, when troubles come,
Instead of sitting 'round so sour and glum?
You cannot have all play,
and sunshine every day;
when troubles come, I say, why don't you laugh?

"Why don't you laugh? 'T will ever help to soothe
the aches and pains. No road in life is smooth;
theres many an unseen bump,
and many a hidden stump
oer which you'll have to jump. Why don't you laugh?

"Why don't you laugh? Don't let your spirits wilt;
Don't sit and cry because the milk you've spilt;
If you would mend it now,
Pray let me tell you how:
Just milk another cow! Why don't you laugh?

"Why don't you laugh, and make us all laugh, too,
And keep us mortals all from getting blue?
A laugh will always win;
If you can't laugh, just grin,
Come on, let's all join in! Why don't you laugh?

Here is another exercise to practice daily. Sit down in front of a mirror and smile. In fact, every time you pass by a mirror stop and smile at yourself it will encourage you to be happy when you are away from the mirror. Eventually you will notice, in passing by the mirror that you have caught yourself smiling without having to tell yourself to do so! Then, you will realize that your nature is more of one of peace and contentment.

I believe the power of laughter was given to us by God to serve a very wise purpose in our lives. It is nature's way of exercising many of our internal organs and giving us pleasure at the same time. Our bodies communicate this to us daily. Here is one way; you know that when we hear bad news we first sense it in our head but then the nerves reaching our stomach become affected, sometimes causing indigestion and even ulcers or worse. You can watch someones countenance change and become dreary when they cling to all the wrongs in their life. So lets laugh whenever we can; it is the best medicine for both the soul and the physical body.

Once we learn to relax and enjoy our home based business we can help other to achieve the peac

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