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Mobile Billboards Advertising And It" s Benefits

How do you describe a mobile billboard? Well I am sure most of you have an idea what a regular billboard is, well a mobile billboard is the same almost, except that it is moving.

You can see it in various forms. You can see it in advertising trucks, or vehicles built specifically to carry billboards around.

Why are there a lot of businesses using this type of advertising to get their message to the consumers? I have some unique insights I am going to share that I have gained from running my own mobile billboards company.

First of all, lets talk about cost. Mobile billboard rates are actually very comparable if not better than your traditional outdoor media such as traditional billboards.

With its rates being very cheap comparably if not better, there is something else that tilts it in it's favor. Actual views, exposures, or impressions to the prospects.

Compared to regular billboards a consumer could just drive by it without noticing it. But the way a mobile billboard displays it's message, it is more effective. And the way it is able to do that is by being in the consumer's face. You can't just pass it by. It is right in front of you at eye level, stuck with you in traffic

This is powerful. A consumer who is stuck in traffic with a businesses message right in front of them can't be tuned out.

That is one of the obstacles that TV and Radio face as traditional forms of advertising. With the advent of Tivo and satellite radio, a consumer could practically live commercial free.

So by choosing to go with a mobile billboard, the advertiser is able to have their ad read and put into the mind of the consumer.

If you are a business who is looking to build brand recognition, what better way could there be than a bold and beautiful full color display of your ad. It speaks loudly for attention. And when the consumer really has nothing better to do in traffic, you really don't have to scream that loud.

With the economy and a lot of businesses struggling, mobile advertising may just be the ticket to save their business. More leads and more customers are bound to come using this method of advertising.

You are going to get exposure. You are practically ensured of having your ad read. What more can an advertiser want.

You can see that it is working by the sheer number of many more businesses using it to advertise. In 2004 by itself, there was more than $5.{8 billion spent on this form of advertsing|8 billion used on this type of advertising|8 billion went towards this form of advertising}}}. With all that money being spent, it must be working.

So for businesses looking for a shot in the arm for more customers, this might be the ticket they are looking for.

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