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Gifts for Dating Couples

    Cruise Tickets

    • Give the couple some time away together by buying them tickets for a cruise. Check with one or both members of the couple to select an ideal week for their getaway, then purchase a set of passes on a boat adventure. If the couple will have to fly to the departing port, consider giving them these tickets as well so that they can take their cruise getaway without investing any of their own money.

    Board Games

    • Present the couple with a collection of amusing activities that they can complete together by buying them a collection of board games. Buy the couple several classic games to add to their collection. If the couple likes specific types of games, like strategy-rich options, pick games of this type to increase the likelihood that they'll enjoy the games you choose to present to them.

    Spa Gift Certificate

    • Allow the couple in question to enjoy some time getting pampered together. Buy the duo a spa gift certificate sizable enough to cover services for each of them. Encourage the pair to take time out of their busy schedules to sit down for a massage, get some facials or enjoy some mud baths together.

    Matching Robes

    • Give the couple you hold dear a pair of garments that they can put to use when relaxing together. Buy them a set of matching robes. Have each robe embroidered with the recipient's initial, customizing it for them. Wrap the keep-you-warm wear up, and present it to the couple, allowing them to luxuriate in their cozy robes together.

    Engraved Door Knocker

    • If the couple has recently made a home together, give them something that they can put to use in their new shared space. Buy them a door knocker, and have the door addition engraved with their married name or their initials if they are not yet married. Pair this present with a note wishing them happiness in their new life together.

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