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How to Calculate Absenteeism

Measures of absenteeism typically consider the amount of time employees were unavailable for work in comparison to the number of hours available for work during the period under study. The definition of "unavailable" varies widely, however, and some companies include vacation and long term leaves wh

Registering a Company Name

When creating a new company, registering the company name is a critical first step. Some businesses do business under their formal company name while others choose to also create a trade name for their business. Official company names end in Inc. or LLC, while trade names do not. An example of thi

Work For Students at Home

Since you are looking for work for students at home, I will outline a couple of simple ways for you to start earning almost right away. This will take some work, but if you are well organized, you can actually make a healthy income even while you are a full-time student. All that you'll need is