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How to Set a Virtual Memory Page

A virtual memory page is a paging file that is created by your computer system to stimulate your physical RAM when it is running low. The virtual memory page is automatically set by default upon installation of the Windows operating system. Your user preferences and requirements might vary, though,

How to Change Pin on Linksys

Linksys wireless routers are used for home and business networks to give people the ability to surf the web without a hard connection to their internet provider. When you are using a Linksys router, you have the ability to set a PIN or a password to the router. This protects the network from malicio

How-to Uninstall Daemon Tools

Daemon Tools provides you with a "virtual drive" for your CD images. A virtual drive is one that does not physically exist on the machine, but the Windows operating system treats it as if the files are a drive. You can install backup CD images and browse the drive, copying and pasting files from you