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Volleyball Net Setup Rules

In volletball, the net should be set up according to official rules so that game play is the same wherever you play. While there are some variations for male and female players and different age groups, the main set up is the same for all players.HeightThe volleyball net should be set up...

Exercising During Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy is not only safe, but it is also recommended. Exercise can give a pregnant woman the stamina required to carry the extra baby weight during these 9 months, as well as the strength and endurance required for childbirth. It is also a great way to keep weight gain to a minim

Elementary Playing Tips

There is a golden rule in football defense, get the ball to the offensive team as quickly as possible.This drill practices with two players.Have the defender move up on the offensive player, trust his arms back and then forward with his fists clenched.